Youtube Tv

On Last Wednesday, Youtube has launched a new service named “Youtube TV” for the new generation of television viewers to watch movies, music videos, news and many more. This service is currently available in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and can be accessed from the other two cities. However, if any subscriber wants this service he/she has to pay $ 35 per month. In exchange, 50 channels will be available to watch.

Youtube TV was first announced in February by Google. Initially, ABC, CBC, Fox, NBC and several other channels can be seen by using this service. Starting from Wednesday, YouTube TV is expected to add channels from AMC Networks, including BBC America and IFC.

Users can try out the service as free of charge for 30 days. Also, subscribers can access this Youtube TV from their smartphone. However, some facilities have been reduced. The interface is very similar to the existing YouTube app, with three tabs for Library, Home, and Live TV.

Google TV service would be wonderful for a new generation of viewers. The advantage of Youtube TV is that, instead of  choice of one or two TV channels, you now have a half-dozen or more.

Watch the promo video: