website improvement tips

Website has become an identity for any business organization. It’s also a way to let everyone in the world, know about you and your company. So, when you create a website, you should think first if this website is for locals only or people from all over the world is going to see the website. Based on applications there are some do and don’t to follow for any website you create. If you follow these ideas it is expected that your site would be pleasing to the visitors

Let’s start with some Don’t
-Don’t use too many fonts.  Talking about fonts, make sure you don’t use too fancy fonts unless it’s a website for kids or cartoon. Using many fonts in the same website makes it look messy and inconstant.
-Don’t use too many colors. Follow a color scheme and apply it all over your website. Don’t just put different color in different pages and make the website inconsistent.
– Don’t add counters. These days many websites have counters. I don’t think it’s a smart idea and visitors hardly care about those numbers. Site owner can put any number he/she wants to or can actually provide real number and this is the reason visitors care less about it.
– Don’t use unoptimized image. This kills your storage of media gallery as well as it makes the website slow. You can easily convert images and shrink the size without hampering the quality of the image.
– Don’t put excessive and irrelevant advertise. Adding advertise on blog sites is very common. But don’t take it to the annoying level. When you add too much add firstly, it will make your website slow and secondly visitors will feel annoyed. So keep it in a limit. If the advertise are relevant to your website then visitors might actually like to see those advertise.
-Don’t put a background music on your website. May be it was a trend in the past, as anything new is attractive to us but these days, the background music has become quite annoying.

So what should you Do in your website?
– Keep navigation clean and organized. Make sure the links that are added to the tabs are accurate. Broken links can not only take your page’s ranking point but also you might lose visitors. Easy navigation means visitors can roam your website easily. Sometimes navigation can be too funky for the visitors so be careful.
-Make sure the font you use has the highest readability. Don’t go for too fancy font that visitors will have hard time to read.
-Optimize your style and script files. If you can shrink files then why would you just make the website heavy? Make sure that your website size is under 60-65K. The heavier the website gets the more time it takes to load and can bother the visitors.
-Validate every input you have on your website. Broken page or link or irrelevant content will only give you negative points by Google as well as visitors.
-Make sure that you put proper title for each of your page. For example, your about page should appear on browser like “www.yourwebsite/about-us”. It does matter.
-Do create a custom 404 page instead of relying on web browser. There are different style to design it which might make your visitors laugh and tactically make them leave the page without keeping any bad review on your website.

One thing you should remember, the trend will always change. But if you hold on to a specific set of style then you will end up in the bottom. So try to get innovative ideas keeping the main page similar.


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