These days website has become an ID card. If you own a business then people around you would ask first, If you have a website or not? If you do then it will be very easy to deal with potential clients as you can tell them a bit about your business and request them to pay a visit to your website. As soon as they visit your website, they can learn about you,what is your business,what do you offer, go through your projects and even they can get your contacts and stay in touch.

In one word, a website represent your business. An attractive website can not only get you customers but also can turn them into regular customers. There is no better way to showcase your product than to place them in your own website. But keep in mind that your website is not too heavy. Because now a days smartphone users are really high and if your website is heavy and slow then they will feel disturbed. Just keep what’s necessary.

There are almost 10 types of websites. But let tell you first. We hear 2 things, website and webpage.

Webpage is of a single page while websites contain multiple page.
I prefer website over webpage as different pages can be presented differently with one common theme. Okay, back with the types.
1. Personal Website:
Personal websites are a great way to show your offerings. All those celebrity pages you see falls in this category. It has little to do with business. You can keep some family photos and diary in this type of website. Hence this type of website is useful for family, teenagers,grandparents and so on to stay in touch with each other. These type of websites are not search engine friendly so not good for business.
This one is a personal website :  Bappi Ashraf
2. Blog site:
This type is quite popular these days . In a blog, visitors get to write on whatever happening around them. Blogs provide views and reviews on different sides of life and hence quite interesting to people and can also be used for business purpose. The main purpose is to provide information to people. Although there are even variation in blog sites. For example, ours is a technology blog site.
For example: ITcrocBlog
3.Community website:
Community or forum websites are almost like blog website except it has different sections and categories. But these category list is not too many. These websites, try to build community of people who want to interact with others who share the same interest. Forums can provide very useful information including tips and tricks and can be very beneficial to small business.
Example: BuddyPic
4. E-commerce site:
In this digital era, people are now going less to the market and shopping from home.How you ask? Through e-commerce sites. There are lots of giant names using e-commerce sites for their business.
Well some of those business has only e-commerce site and not even a physical store!
This type of site displays products as well as has direct purchase through that site.
Example: Mpire Apparels
5. Portal:
Portal are almost like websites except it offers some extra benefits. For example, you can use a portal for administering a website. Furthermore, user can access to maintain,record, monitor,update and delete data from a portal. News portals are the most common portal example.
Example: Prothom Alo
6. Business website:
As the name refers, this type is for business use.Suppose you own a company and want people to know about it and that’s the time you need a business website. A site that will present your business and provide contact details to reach you and show all the offerings from your business.
Example: ITcroc
7. Social website:
Social websites are the most used website in the world. Facebook is the biggest example. I am sure you don’t need to be told about Facebook. Yes! Facebook,Google +,twitter of those big name use the type of website called social website.
Social websites are considered to be one of the most efficient way of #digital #marketing.

Example: Twitter
8. Photo sharing Website:
These website usage is increasing very rapidly. With the development of camera, sharing of photos increased epidemically. Instagram, Picasa, Flickr wasted no time to realize that and opened up their own photo sharing websites. These sites offer free photos and allows to store and share photos of users. They earn from the advertisements they offer to the visitors. Along with this type of websites, smartphone application has been developed which are very user friendly and used by millions.
Example: Flickr
9. Web directory:
Another pretty useful website type is web directory. This type of website contains useful information like contact,address,type of business a company runs. Its like a online dictionary that contains information on companies. It can be very useful to the visitors when the website is up-to date with the information provided.
Example: Velki


10. Mobile site:
I intentionally put this type in the end as mobile sites are being replaced by mobile apps these days. Back in 2006-2007 they were the most popular though! There are few popular ones but in this era of smartphone, mobile sites are almost dying!

Example: WapTricks

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