Wunderlist & To Do list

This may come as a shock to many as Microsoft has decided to shut down its to-do list smartphone application Wunderlist. Microsoft acquired Wunderlist back in 2015. The decision is made to increase the latest software To-Do. The Wunderlist team is now working for this new application.

Microsoft declared that, the features and functionality of Wunderlist will be available in this new application. Furthermore, the authority said that, until the application is ready, Wunderlist will be available.

To make things easier, you will be able to transfer your previous to-do list tasks in the new application. This new app has been a rumor for quite sometimes. Even some of the features like To-do list, reminder set, list sharing and syncing across platforms are leaked.
Microsoft To-Do

Moreover, in the new To-Do List application, if you speak “My Day” the application will show you, your today’s tasks. The intelligence suggestion feature will allow you to edit the list of tasks. Due to this intelligence suggestion, if you forget a task which should have been completed yesterday, it will be shown in today’s task as a suggestion. This application is mainly created to work with Microsoft Office. A demerit is that you won’t be able to use it on iOS platform. But Microsoft promises to solve this soon.