Surface Vs. iMac

Microsoft recently launched the new surface studio, all in one PC which has become the center of attention for all the tech lovers. Its not just a desktop rather can be used as a canvas for creative designers. Some even started comparing this latest PC with iMac.

Design & Display:
Design of Surface studio is eye catching. The Surface Studio comes with a Ultra HD 28-inch 4.5K PixelSense display (192 PPI) with slim display even thinner than iMac and a 3:2 display ration. IMac has a display of 27 inches with aspect ratio 16:9. The display has finger touch option, unlike iMac who believes people’s hand should stay on the keyboard and shouldn’t be extended towards the display. The display has many stunning features for example for print every inches in the screen can be presented as every inches in real life.

Input Devices:
Graphic professional can rejoice now thanks to the Surface Pen and surface dial that you can use in the display. Surface dial is actually for the other hand to let you use features like opening menu, changing color on design, on screen detection and even for scaling. Not a very good news for designers can be that adobe works well with surface however some features are still for Mac only. On the other hand, Surface will work better for 3D modeling. Both iMac and surface studio comes with Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It looks less messy than iMac as all the connection port in surface pro are on a base in the rare rather than iMac’s ports which are on the rare of the display. I really love the gravity hinge of surface studio. iMac does have a stylus.

Surface studio is obviously running on windows 10 anniversary version. It also has 6th Generation Intel Core i7 processor with 2TeraByte hard drive and NVIDIA GPU. iMac offers more storage and thats upto 3TB fusion drive.The device has stunning 32GB RAM with 4USB 3 port. The chipset is good but it’s not astounding. The PC also has a 5MP 1080P HD video camera. Some of the features that is totally absent in iMac are the sensors. For example, surface studio has ambient light sensor, gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer.

Based on the information presented, you can really think that finally a worthy competitor of iMac is here. Thought the price of surface studio is bit more than the iMac but its totally worthy. Those who are not using iMac or those who are using iMac can easily switch to surface studio as its very user friendly. Based on the specification we can only assume both brands must be feeling the heat rest depends on real world operating experience which is still too early to sort out.