Digital Marketing

Once sports was like, there is going to be a match and let’s go to the field and watch it. But certainly every has changed. Now each sports event is like a huge deal. There are stadiums, live telecasting, ticket selling, engaging sponsors, advertise on and off the field and so much more. It’s like a trend these days that sports and advertise goes hand to hand. You will find all the sports events are sponsored by the business firms. Why is it so important? Because sports is pure entertainment to the fans. There is hardly any business deal. People spend direct money to watch sports. The main difference is due to the fact that these people are fans rather than customers. Best part is, a fan can be turned into a customer. If you are launching new product in the market and you decided to put that product’s image in a sports ground. Millions will see that and obviously will try that product. It can happen that you have decided to buy a jersey to watch a match but you will wear it for quite long. That jersey might be carrying logos of your brand or image of your products and hence people will notice it and your product will be viral. Sports advertise diverts people in a way that even people don’t realize. It’s because sports is about people, country and pride.

Sports is passion! You will find advertiser are using cricketers these days in Bangladesh as cricketers have become the pride of the country. Hence, it’s easier to motivate people to buy products when cricketers recommend it. Another thought works on both consumer and the famous brand ambassador that they won’t recommend something valueless or which will degrade their reputation. So you see the trust pathway which has been created through sports between consumer and manufacturer.
Real fans would try to connect with sports team anytime, anywhere. This is another way to get close to customers. For example, if you provide an application for phone and use a famous team as your partner then you can connect those fans with the team. Those fans would know about this and would defiantly become a fan of your product as well.
See all those logos and titles on the jersey? Thats business!
You see the advertisement on this image? When you see a new brand logo or name on a new jersey for example famous football club Real Madrid changed their sponsor from Bwin to Samsung, it was a major news and they didn’t just publish it in the newspaper, they tried the fastest way. Going for newspaper advertisement is good but that’s going to take some times but try social media, the news will spread thousands in an hour. Digital marketing has surpassed traditional marketing long ago.

I used to play football a lot back on high school. I had to buy and try each version on Nike shoe I saw my idol footballer used. I am pretty sure I wasn’t and isn’t the only one. That means its good for business for Nike as they used the footballer for their advertisement. You will see that, brands go for video clip for stronger advertisement. For example, when Nike launches a new boot, they might call Christiano Ronaldo and make a video for advertisement rather than an image of Ronaldo holding the new boot.

I am sure you came across those offers where it says if you use specific service provider then you get free ticket or discount on ticket to watch matches of the sponsored team. It’s also a privilege to those fans on behalf of those service provider as they are getting tickets so easily while others might struggle to get it or have to wait in lines and so on. How would you know about the new offer? You will find that providers sending messages to your phone or send you email about the promo offer. These are all part of digital marketing. How many of you see a banner of promo on the store?

The main point is, when you use sports for business that’s not the end of the story. You must advertise digitally. Not everyone will get the chance of watching a famous sportsman becoming brand ambassador live but the telecast on television or advertise on digital media will reach the news to almost everyone. Well, social media are very strong way for advertising. You don’t have idea how fast rumors spread over social media. Same goes for good news. It’s because, people spend lot of time on social networking but how many of them actually visits their favorite star’s website every day? And why would they? They have Facebook pages where they are getting all the necessary news, it saves time for them and it’s convenient.
To sum up, If you have a company and looking for advertisement. Then there is no alternative to invest on sports. Yes, the investment is huge and of course it should be. You get to advertise your company though out the world so yes. What should be the investment amount? Well it should be as high as to get the deal done. But trust me, the reputation and return on investment you will get is immense! Sports has certainly moved from mare entertainment to profitable business.
Well, there is nothing wrong with some business in sports but the problem lies on illegal business with sports. This can not only destroy a sports organization but also can destroy the image to all the related parties who are with that sports. Sadly, illegal business with sports is increasing. It will end both the sportsman as well as the company for good if found convicted. Furthermore, there is no match for honest business. So let’s play it safe!