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Keywords are considered to be very important part of Search Engine Optimization. So you must choose the right keyword for your business. Just selecting any popular key won’t do any good to your business as when you choose a keyword, visitors might come but when they will not get what they want, they will surely never visit your website again.

There are several issues to think choosing a keyword. You should not mind about the length of the words. Length actually depends on size and value of your company. Let me break it down. Keywords can be of 3 types.

Head (contains only one word)

Body (contains 2-3 words)

Long Tail (contains many words)

So which one you should go for? Well one word keywords are the most competitive ones and if your brand is not very popular then you should not try this type. For example, if you own a garments factory then your head keyword could be ” Shirts”

On the other hand, body type keywords are medium competitive. You can get 1000-2000 traffic monthly. In this type, your keyword will be a bit longer and bit more specific like ” Male T-shirt”

and finally long tail keywords are less competitive. You can expect to get 100-1000 traffic monthly. Statistic says 15% of the long tail keywords don’t even get searched on google. So there are good sides and bad sides. Long tail keyword could be ” Male Polo Tshirt”. You can see its more specific and can draw the target audience.

Once you are done selecting the length of keyword, you should think about the purpose. Do you want to attract traffic only or do you want to covert your visitors to buyers. This one also depends on the business type. For example, if you have an e-commerce site then your target should be conversion and increase sell not just visitors. On the other hand, if you own a blogging site your only goal should be how to increase traffic. So for conversion you should calculate how many people are visiting your site and how many of them are buying. Because only the latter one matters.


How would you find suitable keywords? Yes, easy answer is Google Keyword Planner. But i wouldn’t recommend that. Let me tell you why? If you put your product or service name in their you will get lots of suggestion and their competitive level.

What you won’t get is a proper log tail keyword.

For example, if you are on a medicine business then your keyword can be vitamin and you will get some suggestions like vitamin , buy vitamin and so on. But if you are more specific like buy vitamin B then it would reach your target customers easily. Yet again I have mentioned the demerits of using long tail keyword. It might not get searched a lot but those who are in need of only vitamin B will defiantly reach your site if you use such keyword. Let me give you another example, when you think of football, you think of famous football field of famous players like Messi, Ronaldo or best football teams. But when you put football in your google planner they will never show you these results instead they will stick to football or furthers they will show results like football field, football match and so on.

In other words, I would say you should be more specific with keyword like you should decide your customers and select some category like gender, age, approximate income, hobbies and interest and things they struggle with. Then choose a keyword that includes these category. For example, vitamin D for adults.

I would say that Wikipedia is a great source of keyword clue.

For that you need to type your product and look for clues. You will find some relevant words which are less competitive. For example, write shirt in the search box and then check the contents. You will find some words like cuffs, sleeves, lower hem and so on. Even you can get some external links with the headlines which can be good source of keywords and are less competitive.


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Just like you need good tools to make good house, you can use tools for keyword as they can give you heads up. Before you use a keyword Google Keyword planner can show you a campaign by providing traffic on your chosen keyword. Its always a good idea to do so,  I mean testing your keyword value.
Be careful on the singular and plural. It can totally change the purpose! For example, keyword graphic design can imply that you offer/work on graphic design while if you write graphic designs then it sounds more like a portfolio or a marketplace may be.

Always remember that the commercial intent is much more valuable than search volume. As mentioned before most of the traffic comes from the keyword searching, so when if you cannot state your business intent in the keyword then it will provide you nothing. The only good news is you can actually get the keywords that the buyer uses. There are several keywords like buy, coupon, discount, deal which buyers use, holding credit cards in their hands. These are also know as buy now keywords. They may not get high traffic but their conversion rate is too high!

In brief, as keywords get you sales so make sure you have chosen the best keyword and attract potential customers rather than amply amount of traffic. For example, I have some graphical content on my Portfolio. I thought a lot and rather than writing something like graphical content or my portfolio i chose the keyword premium graphic temples.

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