Having you recently joined the graphic design world or practicing graphic designing for quite sometimes and ready to hit the road? Well, then you should know that, you should right away. Because there is a huge difference between learning and having work experience. The later one always outmatches the first one.

Practice is Perfection:
Of course you should practice before you actually start working. But don’t be afraid to start working. Because there is a huge difference. When you will deal with clients you will face many difficulties. But these difficulties will gradually reduce.

Make It Look Great:
The hardest part is, you need to satisfy an actual human being. It’s not just a machine that you will do exactly what has been asked and then you are good. Nope! Sometimes, client might ask you to try something and you might actually do it exactly, but still client might say that “Sorry, I don’t like it”. In that case, you have to try different thing as you must get the project done. One suggestion is, if you see a big space in your design, which client haven’t mentioned what to do there, you should use your creativity to fill that up. Later you can explain your client that the empty space was bugging the whole project so you filed it up. One problem that I often faced with my graphic designing team was, they used to do exactly what client said. I said, that’s okay but if it looks odd, don’t do it, make it better and I will explain the client.

Take Time Taking All Content:
Don’t push it up. Don’t try to be so fast that you forget to take all the necessary content from the client. A successful communication is a successful project. Hence, communicate properly. Try to get the whole idea of what client is looking for. If you keep asking for content time to time, client might get angry. But what you should do is to show draft and progress to check if you are going to the right direction.

Explore The World:
The fun part is, you will come across different ideas from different clients. That will enrich your knowledge. For example, you might get a client from Mexico who asked you to design a Mexican food menu and another one from Japan asked you to design a Japanese food menu. By working on these two, you will learn about the style of the two country, symbol and many more. At first go, you might not do a great job, but after getting some client feedback you will be able to get it right. These all will be added up to your experience.

No Rules:
You must remember one thing, one might look nice to someone might not look nice to someone else. So, never hold on to one design pattern or style. All you can do is to ask your client, what type of design he/she is looking for? For example, will it be simple or corporate or funky/colorful. And yes, you have to be good on any type. There are different categories like flyer, brochure, banner, logo, icon, illustration and so on. You can focus on one side but make sure you are super on that side. You can add your strong sides on your profile or portfolio.

Review Please:
Try to take review from your clients. Because if you have honest review, it’s easier to attract other clients. For example, you might get a “very professional and right on time” review from a client which will attract clients who are in bit hurry. Again, you might get a “took some time, but the outcome was a masterpiece” which will attract clients who have time in hand and waiting for something too good. But always be honest with your clients, tell them directly what you can do and what you can’t. Make sure you tell all these before taking on the project.

Present It Beautifully:
Make sure you use good mockups. As mockups represent the actually content you have created, hence better mockup means better presentation. Presentation is the key of graphic designing.

There are so many techniques and tips to be a great graphic designers. The thing is, all these can change just like the trend for design changes. Also, a client might want something in one way while the other one might ask for something in another way. But you will learn these as you keep working.


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