Graphic Design Facts

My boss says all the time, “Designers are creative people. You cannot just put them in to the box and make them create something amazing.” The sentence itself is quite interesting. So, shouldn’t you give any direction or instruction or form rules for designers in your company? Well, it depends. For office formalities there can be some, but in designing, nope! There are several more interesting facts about graphic designing.

Firstly, a graphic designer doesn’t need a 4 years degree like other professionals. Furthermore, you can switch to a graphic designer from any background! Although there are university courses but clients hardly bother about that. All clients need to see is the creativity and experience of the designer. May be this is the reason, graphic designing job is among the top 25 job people crave for. Back in 2014, according to survey, there were over 2,50,000 graphic designers.

Secondly, although, the graphic design term was introduced in 1922, the demand of graphic designing is not going down anytime soon. Rather it keeps going up. It’s expected that by 2020, the demand will increase about 12% or more. The trend changes time to time but the creativity of designers will always be needed. Because, these days, presentation is the key. A neat and clean restaurant with a food menu designed poorly will defiantly effect customers as food menu is the first thing they will see after entering a restaurant.

Thirdly, Graphic designing is a work which makes people addicted to it. Some of the designers, are found working day and night, even at their leisure. They hardly take it as a job rather consider it as passion or hobby.

Fourthly, graphic design is one of the best way to be a self-employed. The monthly income can be huge. Most of the graphic designers are found to be a freelancer. There are some, who are working for companies but even they work as freelancer outside their office hours to earn extra. Furthermore, there are several sites where you can sale your graphical content as digital products. For example, Envato Graphic River is an excellent page for designers to sale their graphic designs like poster, flyer, brochure, and banner. All you need to do is to be creative and upload your template. You will find many interested buyer buying your content. The more purchase, the more you earn.

Fifthly, unlike other profession, there is hardly a rivalry between two graphic designers or two graphic designing company. Rather they are often found to share their projects if needed. There are several graphic designing community and pages, where the members help each other and maintain a good relation by suggesting and even helping each other.

Finally, the best part of graphic designers, is that anyone can create a masterpiece. Yes, experience does come into account but if you spend enough time and follow a creative idea of your own, you can be the next designer celebrity. Graphic designers are the one, created some amazing landmarks in visual media in the past. However, you do require skills on different graphic designing tools like illustrator, photoshop, indesign etc. You can read about tools of graphic designers here. I have found a designer once, who was not a bad designer himself but had many mistakes in his design. That’s right, graphic design is also not just something you create and get paid. There are set of instructions and rules. For example, there are exact sizes and types for each content like brochure, flyer and others. So make sure you know about the mistakes of graphic designers as well.

To sum up, graphic designing is like an art. You cannot just follow same pattern and design in each of your content. The trend changes time to time so you cannot hold on to the old one.