New Features of Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 is about to make its way to millions and if you are still worried if you should go for it or not then these exciting new features will help you to take the decision easier. Not only improvements in previous features are there but also there are some new features that can really impress you. The way Samsung says it, “Faster even in rain!”

Infinite Display:
Design of the phone certainly gets a full mark. Samsung has been working with curved screen for quite sometimes and looks like they have gained enough maturity in that section. The display of the phone looks stunning. Samsung calls it “Infinity display”. The benefit is that the display screen size has been increased without increasing the phone size. As you already know, the screen ration is 18.5:9. Also, the display option allows you to directly change screen ration while playing a video. A fun feature is, you can change the icon as well as pressure sensitivity of the display menus like home button, back button and others. The display is dust and water resistant.

Best Bluetooth:
If you visit Galaxy S8 page, you would be asked one question for pre-registration. The question asks, which feature you are most excited about? Well. I think they missed one option which is, the Bluetooth 5. That’s right, Samsung galaxy S8 will be the first phone to have Bluetooth 5. The transfer rate is double, while range has also increased substantially. Furthermore, the Bluetooth dual audio option is there, which allows you to listen songs as well as allow you to share the same song with someone else. To simplify, with this feature, you can connect your phone to more than one Bluetooth headset.

Iris Scanner:
Last year, having figure print on phones became a basic requirement. But this year, security can take another leap as Samsung has added Iris Scanner, a better version of it with their new phone S8. As pattern of Iris is unique hence Samsung believes that they have ensured airtight security. There is also facial recognition feature in the phone. You have probably heard about several types of security scanner for smartphone and finger print lock is a basic security feature. However, Samsung added integrated finger print security as well. Combining all these powerful security systems, you can now be sure about your phone as well as for online payment via your smartphone.

Say Hello To Bixby:
Samsung makes another big addition that is a virtual assistant called “Bixby”. There is a dedicated button for Bixby. An interesting issue is that all the Android phone already has Google Virtual Assistant and hence one of these two will come on top here. Last but not least, now there is another feature called DEx which implies to Desktop Experience. With this brand new feature, you will finally be able to control you desktop using your Samsung Galaxy S8. Some apps are even optimized to support this feature.

To finish off, Samsung phones are dream to many. This latest phone have improved in almost all the features and added some extra. After last year’s big issue, customers only expect to have an explosion free battery and that’s exactly what they will get according to Samsung. With all these exciting features, Samsung Galaxy S8 can really be the winner of smartphone market for 2017.