There are tons of reasons to become a photo editor. Most interesting one is due to the fact that, you can work as a freelancer or for a famous brand depending on your quality. Both of these will generate good pay checks. So, how to become and what to learn to become a hoto editor? Let’s find out from this article.

Choose Your Side:

The first and the most important part is what kind of editor you wish to become. There are different sectors like photo studio, ecommerce, graphic designing, digital art and so on. You must choose which one to go for first. There might be little similarity but for each of these sectors, techniques/software or skilled required is quite different. So, you must set this first.

No Degree, No Problem:
As you know, you hardly require a professional degree to become a professional photo editor, however having a degree on photography and photo journalism provides aspiring photo editors with the knowledge to edit images perfectly.

Basic Requirements:
The best part of photo editing is that you can start your work right from your HOME! You can keep practicing till you think that you can take the challenge outside. A photo editors should have strong communication skills, understanding the requirements, proficiency with photo editing software and in depth knowledge of photography and photographers. In some case, you might need to know to work with more than one software. That is, in some editing Adobe Lightroom is used instead of Adobe Photoshop due to more features. So never rely on just one software. You might even discover your potential while trying out different software.

Go For What Suits You!

There are many editorial services. There is clipping path, background remove, neck jointing, image masking, retouching, manipulation, e commerce editing, color correction, drop shadow and so on. Interestingly, some of these do the same on images but provides different outcome. For example, you can remove a background using clipping path as well as simple background remove technique. The difference is that, clipping path gives better output especially when there is far/hair in the object. To start with, you can go for the easier one. There are tons of projects/tasks you can get from freelancer marketplaces on background removal. The task is relatively easier than the other services. So, you should learn the background removing first. Once that is learned, you should go for clipping path as it’s somewhat similar to background removing.


After these, you can go for Neck joint, drop shadow and color correction. These 3 might take considerable time but once you master all these techniques you can move on to the next level. That is to learn photo retouching. Retouching is considered as the most advanced photo editing techniques. It often requires to correct color, remove object, place object without background, fix shadows and many other works. For photography, image retouching is a must.

Once thing clear from the discussion is that, there are several types of image editing. You will need to retouch a lot in photography editing while most of the ecommerce editing involves neck jointing, clipping, color correction, dust removal, drop shadow adding and similar services. As mentioned earlier, it’s always best to choose a side and focus on that. Beside photography and ecommerce editing, there is print design works. Although, there is not too much image editing work in print designing yet basic level skills in clipping path, background remove and manipulation is required.

Creativity is King

Creativity is a Must!
Alongside knowing these techniques, you also need to develop your creativity. For this, it’s best to keep a list of editorial photographers. You can get tips, advice and inspiration by following great editors which will help to develop your own skills. At the same time, you need to recall your institutional knowledge of editing. Furthermore, if you keep in touch with photographers or those who needs editing work, you will certainly be hired by any of them.

Learn via Intern:

You can always go for short term internship. If you are already doing great, you might get chance to work in some real projects. This will give you confidence to go ahead. Because, working for real client requires whole lot more knowledge and skills than simply practicing at home. Although, internship might not teach you a lot but will defiantly give you the experience to work in real work place. And if you can show extra attention, you might actually learn more.

To sum up, whatever profession you choose, you must have to give your best to shine. Photo editing is no different. To be a great editor, you must have enough knowledge on photography.