email marketing

You have signed in, to your email and started checking and found an email with the title, “Christmas Sale! 50% off.” Would you open the email? As you already know that, it’s Christmas and sales offer is everywhere. You might just move that email to trash. So that was an ineffective email marketing. The bigger question is that if email marketing still works? Let’s find out.

Keep it personal and appealing:
If you can make it appealing to your customer than anything can work. What I meant is, even if a customer decides to go for a product or service, they will look for better till they actually buy the selected one. This is the chance you have to take. For this, email subject is very important. About inside, you can start with, “Sir, we found you checking our products, would you like any assistance or have any inquiry? We might be able to help you and offer you something that you deserve.”

Send to right people:
To be successful, you must track the right customer. It’s pointless to offer free coupons who visited your store last year than to offer it to someone who visits every week.
When you send an email, make sure you tell your customer about your offering and benefits rather than tell about you and your reputation. A wise saying is, people don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it.

Keep it simple:
Make sure your email is simple and right to the point. You must have received email from dropbox. Almost everyone uses dropbox. So what they did is, made the emails funny. Don’t forget to keep it relevant.

Rich Content:
These days, emails are having images, pictures, videos and many more. All of these are okay as long they are interesting and relevant. As, boomers and early generation people are still very fond of email than social media, hence email marketing still have strong base. Statistics show, that more than 4.3 billion email account is active daily.

Your email, your way to present:
Social media marketing differs as different social media has different policies but email marketing is all the same. Keep it clean and you are good. Furthermore, there is an unsubscribe button which allow you to get rid of unwanted emails, so as an email marketer you have to worry less about being obnoxious to customers.

Reach out far:
Your existing clients are from overseas. How do you let them know about your latest upgrade in product or services? Email marketing, that’s the way to go! It’s also quite cheap compared to other digital marketing methods.

Smartphone availability:
Due to advancement of smartphone, checking email has been easier than ever. Hence using email again, adds to your advantage. You might argue that, now short message and instant message is there. But email is the most professional way to contact your buyers.

Email marketing still works but most of the people are not doing it correctly. Most of the email are sent when a customer get related with the company. Hence they might want to hear more about the service you offer in the future. Also, you should not forget about your existing customer. So, you can write to them by writing something like, “Hello sir, you have purchased this product from us, hope it’s working as you expected it to be. However, we have an upgraded version which you might be interested in.” This might actually work!