Content Marketing Types

Content marketing has been one of the fastest evolving marketing sector all over the world thanks to the advancement of technology. It is a marketing strategy that focuses on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract potential client and convert them into profitable clients.
The main idea of content marketing is to solve customers’ issues with the help of your product rather than pitching about your product directly. When you have great content, you can do some great marketing. For example, if you are selling skateboards, first publish a content that talks about advantage or disadvantage of skateboards and finally mention about your skateboards which can minimize the disadvantages. However, there are different kinds of content marketing. Each one is important based on circumstances.

Website is a great way for content marketing. However, webpage for content marketing are quite different from normal webpage. Usually, websites where lots of visitors come for news or information are a good way to show your content.

Because of technology, videos have become a very good source of content marketing. These days, live videos and streaming are very popular. Furthermore, when you play a video rather than describing the whole thing in words, videos sound much better.Youtube is a very important medium for content marketing. It has billions of viewer everyday. You might be surprised to know that, there are certain individuals known as youtube celebrities only because of their contents on youtube. It’s also a great way to earn. Youtube offers great quality audio and video which are very effective for marketing.

A modern, funny and smart way to represent your content is creating infographics. Meaningful infographics not only convey great message but also are very attractive. Infographics are graphics that includes statistics, charts, graph and other information. There are professional graphic designers who are creating amazing infographics which can be highly effective for your content marketing. Infographics are also used to promote blog sites.

Podcast are quite similar to videos but they are more interesting and offers more sales of content. It is a digital audio file which can be downloaded by subscription and are usually available in series.

As I have mentioned before, content marketing is to let customers know that you have a solution for their problems which lead to more sales and good relationship with customers. Furthermore, if customer finds out about the solution you offer they would like to educate themselves about your offering. Finally customer will compare with the existing solutions and if you can show them a reason that your one is the best then you win a loyal customer. So it’s quite different from traditional marketing.

How do you start content marketing? Again, as I have mentioned before, blogging is a great way for content marketing. If you offer great information to visitors they would visit your site very often and this is a chance for you to advertise your products. I must tell you that it takes time, at least a year or so. To speed up the process you can do SEO or PR on the site. Make sure the content of the site is useful and informative. So your first target should be giving and later the selling part will come. Indeed, content is the King.