smartphone features checklist

Smartphone was never about just talking and texting. Day by day, it went past our expectation. Starting from video call to edit a PDF, playing desktop games like GTA,Max Payne on phone, watching movies, everything is possible now. So there is hardly anything to complain about. However, you need to have some features of smartphones to be upgraded to have the best experience. Followings are what features should a smartphone have to prove its worth to customers.

Screen size:

It all started with a small 2 inches monochrome display and then went back to phablet of 6 inches or more. For quite sometimes, 5 inches was a standard size. But these days 5.5” is preferred by all. 5” has become little small. Even stubborn iPhone has moved passed 5 inches and the response is quite well. I myself never had an iPhone as screen was too small for me. Although some are going for 5.2” screen. According to my survey, women like to have the screen to be little bigger so 5.5” is perfect for them while men are quite happy with 5.2” screen. The reason behind this is, may be its uncomfortable to have a larger screen phone on pocket but this is not a problem for women as they usually keep the phone in the purse.

Another thing about screen is, if you go for curved screen phones like Samsung’s S6, S7 or LG G flex then you will end up having lots of trouble if you ever drop it. The screens are almost irreparable. Buying a device of 720p display and 300ppi is kind of mandatory.


There are many brands who are not putting too much effort on front camera. Rather they are putting very strong camera on the back. This was good but the trend has changed as soon as the term “Selfie” is introduced. Now, a good phone means a powerful front camera. Statistically, front camera is used much much more than rare camera these days. I really love to have a Xiaomi phone, but the front camera has always been the concern. I wish they had better camera, everything else is just perfect. These days, 5MP front camera is considered as a okay camera. 8MP camera is good while 13MP is highly desirable.

You might say that, having too much details in the front camera is not a good idea but as I have mentioned before, these days front camera are more useful than the rare one. Having a 16MP rare camera is quite good. Thanks to Facebook live, front camera video recording is quite popular now a days. So a smart phone should have at least a camera of 8MP front and 13MP rare camera. Once you check camera, make sure you check the aperture. Having aperture of f 2.0 is quite good and will allow you to capture good photos on bad light.


The most important part of a smartphone in my view is the battery. If you have a powerful camera, large screen and everything perfect but the phone lasts only 5-6 hours on full usage then there is no point. Don’t be so happy seeing a phone of 6 inches having a battery of 3500 mAh. Because a larger screen phone will defiantly consume more power. Hence, in my view a phone with screen size of 5.5 inches must have at least 3500 mAh battery. Battery component is almost same in all the smartphones so let it be like that. I have this idea that the slimmer the phones are, the riskier they become. May be I am bit naive after the Galaxy Note 7 incident but research did find out, that due to small space battery can have short circuit and cause problem to the phone.


For quite long 16GB was too good for phone users. But these days, 16GB is considered as poor storage. A minimum 32GB is okay. A 32GB ROM smartphone will give you 21GB space while a 64GB phone will give a 52GB space. I would be happy with 21GB though but having 10GB free space is bit low for me and may be to you as well. Same goes for RAM. 2GB is poor, 3GB is great. Latest phones are having 4GB RAM which are lightning fast.

These are the main things you should look for in your next smartphone. I must tell you, gradually even these specs will be obsolete. I gave up switching smartphones 2 years back, as the developments are so frequent. If you are waiting for a better featured phone then you have to wait forever. Because smartphone features are the most fast changing one. But always go for the latest phone. Like buy phone which is released recently. Two benefits of this are, you get original device and second one is, its assumed that quality degrades as time passes, you might even end up with copy or replica phones. Replica phones are usually launched after very good observation on the real phone.


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