Thursday, April 27, 2017
graphic design error

Graphic Designer’s Mistakes

Create content for your client's customer and not for your clients. If the content is for the customers then obviously the client will be pleased. Often clients are confused what they...

A Guide To Set Price of Digital Products

Design a content for the targeted customers of your client, not for the client. The most common inquiry of a freelance designer is what should be the price of my content?...

Present It Beautifully!

Tell me this, even if you purchase an item which one would you like most? Just your product or the product that is wrapped in colorful wrapping paper with a red...

Best of Behance!

The leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. The creative world updates their work in one place to broadcast it widely and efficiently. Companies explore the work and access...

Tips on Envato Contents

I have been working in this new company for about 6 months as head of operation. My task is to guide and make sure that all the graphic designers and web...
print design

Essential Tips on Print Design

Graphic design is considered as communication design as graphical content convey messages towards audience. In this article, I am going to talk about print design that is brochure, flyer, magazine and...

Earn Some Extra!

Selling your digital product is never easy. There are many strategies but the most important one is SEO. It's often costly but there are other ways you can increase your sale....
Sketch design

Fonts For Corporate Design

Brochure/flyer is considered to be the best form of advertising. As it’s cheaper and delivers much more information than a billboard or TVC. Hence creating these contents should be done carefully...
Graphic design tools

Weapon of Graphic Designers

What are the weapons of a designer? It’s Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign! These weapons vary according to types of work. Take for example, a cowboy’s weapon is a stick to control...


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