Can Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 Compete With Apple’s iPad Pro?


Announced in October 6, 2015 and released on 26 October, 2016, the new Microsoft surface pro is out and it’s just not some updates to the previous version rather offers much more. I can safely say that now we can finally replace a laptop with a tablet. If you don’t know what is surface pro then I would shortly say that it’s a hybrid of laptop and tablet.


Although the device looks almost same as surface pro 3, the latest version not only offers brighter display with better resolution but also is thinner than ever before. I love the touchscreen stylus which you can stick to the edge as it has magnetic part. Hence you don’t need to take it in and out every time. Talking about the stylus, if you press the eraser like button on the pen you will find the OneNote (pen input options). Also you can use that as a real eraser in the device.


About specification the new surface pro 4 is using 1.4GHz Intel 6th generation Core i5-6300U/i7/m3/ processor. It has 8GB (i5)/4GB (m3)/16GB (i7) RAM with 256GB (i5)/128GB (m3)/512GB (i7) SSD storage. The device includes 128MB Intel HD Graphics 520(with i5)/Intel iris 540 Graphics (with i7)/Intel HD Graphics 515(with m3) with the latest operating system Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64bit) and its exactly the same version that of desktop or laptop. The device also has 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4 with USB 3 port. Did I forget to mention the full size SD card slot? The benchmark is very much as it’s described in specification during real life use.

Surface pro offers 5 point touch. The device is now using hybrid liquid cooling system hence more hardcore work can be performed. In one line, I would say the camera is pretty good for a tablet. The font camera has 5MP that works very well if you set face recognition. That is the device successfully unlocks when the camera detects owner’s face. The font camera is good enough for skype calling or Google hangouts.

The speaker of the device will stun you. Even if you play sound at max, you will hear sounds clearly thanks to double audio. The bass is truly enjoyable. Although if you compare it with iPad pro, i would vote for iPad pro. About camera, I feel weird to take pictures with such a big device and usually tablets or laptops do not have a powerful camera and surface pro 4’s camera is no different. It has 8MP rare camera which is not bad either. They are good enough to share in social media for sure.

Display, resolution and weight of iPad pro and surface pro 4 is close. The display in surface pro is brighter than iPad pro. However, surface pro has 3:2 aspect where iPad has 16:9 almost like a television. The screen size is bit too much for me as iPad pro has 12.9 inches screen where surface pro 4 has 12.3. In Multitasking test, the surface pro 4 and iPad pro has very similar score. However, the 6th generation Core i5 wins it all if you compare it with iPad’s A9x chip. iPad pro might be thinner but  the extra ports on surface pro 4 can really make it customers favorite. Furthermore, still the device is not getting a type cover keyboard and hence must be purchased separately and as keyboard is a must have for the device hence you are losing $100 more for sure. Although, the device has a Graphics card but I will not recommend this one for playing games. However, gaming is much fun and smooth in iPad pro. The battery in surface pro 4 has improved a little, lasting longer than an hour or so than the previous version. Battery in iPad pro is way better than surface pro 4 though.

To finish off, I would say that Surface Pro 4 is one of the best hybrid tablet out in the market because of its fantastic performance. There is no doubt that the device is powerful and value for money. iPad pro and surface pro both has their strong sides so its up to you which features you can need for yourself.