7 ways to increase twitter followers

Micro-blogging site Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites after Facebook. Today these two mediums are used to increase business or personal popularity. But many of us are unfamiliar with Twitter. In order to achieve promotional success on Twitter, it’s important to build a loyal base of engaged users. Especially if the account is not properly arranged, the follower is not available.
Here in this article, we are going to explain you 7 practical and ethical ways to increase Twitter Followers.

  1. Select Username:

If you want to increase Twitter followers, the first step is to fix a good and meaningful username. Because the name of the user comes in a lot of follow-up profiles. Suppose you are an Apple fan, so you choose ‘apple123’ as your username.
If you choose such a name, other Twitter users will think it’s fake. As a result, there will be less opportunities to increase your follower. First or last part of the name should be used as the user name. So that, other users can easily know actual name of you/your company/ your services.

2. Use Avatar on Profile:

The simplest and most personal way to go for an avatar is a photograph of your face looking straight into the lens. Avoid funny angles or having anything else in the photo. Crop it into a square, but don’t shrink it down.
If you own a company and want to use your brand logo as your avatar instead of a photograph, it’s perfectly acceptable. However, using random graphics or images as your avatar can give the impression of a fake or spam account, so they are not recommended.

3. Profile Information:

If you have a website (personal or business) then you should add it in your profile. If you have other social networking accounts besides Twitter, then those links should be linked to Twitter.
As a result, followers will come to know about you.
Keep your bio short, sweet and to the point. You have only 160 characters to tell who you are or what your service is? So be as specific as possible. Use keywords as well so the people in your industry can easily search for you. Take a look at this example:

ITcroc Twitter Profile Info.

4. Follow Other Twitter Users:

To make Twitter account popular, you have to follow other relevant Twitter users. Besides, retweet their Tweets occasionally.
If you follow many users they can follow you. This may increase the number of return followers. So, in order to increase the visibility of your profile, you should follow more Twitter users.

5. Tweet Frequently, But Not Exceedingly:

Try to bring fresh, interesting and compelling content in front of people. Tweeting does not only mean that you have to reply back to the comments, but also create active content for the people.
It’s good to tweet, but not always. There are many people who believes that tweeting all the time can help them increase their reach and followers. However, this is not correct. It is important to space out your tweets rather than clustering them in a gap of minutes. If you are tweeting more than a dozen times a day, you are simply pushing people away.

6. Promote Your Twitter on Your Blog and Website:

Embed your live Twitter feed on your website. Be sure you have a Twitter “Follow” button on your site. Make your blog posts easy to share, with a “Tweet this” button.

7. Use Relevant Hashtags(#):

Hashtags are a word or word phrases after the number sign (#) which is clickable. Hashtags can contribute to making your tweets go viral, and creating and connecting with communities on Twitter. They are a way to organize topics around the world on Twitter. You can make your own #, such as to promote a particular product or contest. You can join popular #’s to get your message heard further and increase brand awareness.

Growing a Twitter following takes time, and effort. So remember, the more people follow you, the more likely you’ll appear in the “Who to follow” or “Suggestions for You” feature by Twitter.