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During vacation, most of the people love to travel. Traveling is one of the best ways to know about yourself. Getting away from home gives you the opportunity to reflect on your life. It will enhance your understandability. By Exploring to new places, people, and cultures, you’ll develop a wider world view which will help to be a better global citizen. Traveling is also a great opportunity to make new friends across the world. The way of traveling has been changed in recent years. How technology has transformed the travel industry would amaze you if you see the difference between how people used to travel vs how they are traveling now. For example, travelers can book their own flight and hotels online, choose to stay in a stranger’s house, and rather than entering that unfamiliar restaurant with trepidation, search online reviews on their mobile while connected to the hotel Wi-Fi. In terms of gadget there are a few gadgets that can turn your next trip from a trial into a breeze—and even better. Some of them add extra convenience to our experiences, yet others open up new realms in the world of technology. Well, if you are still with me I am quite sure you have already guessed it right: today I am going to talk about travel gadgets! Here are 5 cool travel gadgets which would make your trips easier and simply yet more enjoyable.


A power bank is extremely beneficial for travelers. It will help you to power your mobile devices on the go. Maybe you have fully charged your phone before leaving home but you would find it dead half way through. In my case, I use my phone for directions, to check my email, and of course to take pictures and so much more. I can’t afford to have my phone die half way through the day. With my power bank full, I can get through the day comfortably! I will not travel without my power bank. It’s saved my professional posterior more than once!

There are different types of power bank are available in the market. Price would start with $10 and goes up to $200. Mi, One Plus, Huawei, and Hp sell a good number of qualitative power bank. Actually, the price varies because of battery milliamp hours (mAh) of it. Like the batteries of smart phones and tablets, power banks are rated in mAh or milliamp hours. Depending on your device’s battery, it is best to pick a power bank that “complies” with your device’s charging and battery specifics. You can start your power bank hunt by learning more about your device’s battery’s details, particularly its mAh rate and its charging specifications. For traveling, you should get a power bank that has a higher mAh rate than your device’s battery. Generally, getting a power bank with three times the mAh rate of your device’s battery is preferable.



We all have carried travel binoculars and, usually, a monocular on travel around the world. Wherever we go, we feel a little under-dressed without a binocular or monocular simply because we know how much there is beyond the range of our normal vision! Even though It is kind of an equipment which comes under the category of “things that you may occasionally like to have, but not really necessary”.

Binoculars are an important tool for any birdwatcher. The device helps you watch birds and animals from a distance without disturbing them. Hunters often use binoculars to locate their target. For hiking through the wilderness or sailing on a boat, travelers can use binoculars to help orient their location and identify far-off objects. Tourists can zoom in on buildings and landscapes when visiting a new area.

Over the past few years, this device has changed dramatically. Many new features have been added to it. Now you can take a picture with it, you can shoot a video as well and it has GPS connection. Wow! I think it’s amazing, isn’t it?

When shopping for binoculars, you’ll discover wide price ranges on similar-looking styles. Understanding binocular specs, such as magnification, objective lens diameter and exit pupil will help you narrow down which pair works best for your needs.

Recently Sony launched a smart binocular named DEV-50— it records 2D and 3D video in Full HD 1080p and has a 0.8-12x optical zoom range. Featuring two 20.4MP Exmor R CMOS image sensors, dual Bionz image processors, simultaneous zoom-autofocus, and a water-sealed housing, this multi-purpose imager will be useful to a birder in a national park, family at a theme park, and fan at a ballpark.



While traveling is one of the best parts of life, the process of flying can often be stressful. “What’s that? What? I’m sorry; I can’t hear you, hello. Are you there?” You’ll have to find someone else to torture for the next 15 hours.  If you’re going to be spending a lot of time on a train, plane, bus, or any other noisy environment on your next trip, a pair of noise-canceling headphones could be your new best friend. New technology lets you listen to music and control what you hear. There are a lot of options when it comes to noise-cancelling headphones. You have to research a little to get the best one for you. Certain models offer up to 18 hours of wireless streaming before you have to recharge them and even have an automatic play-pause function that kicks in when the headphones are put on or removed. There are even completely wireless ear buds now that rely on Bluetooth technology.



Photography is a fun hobby, but it can also be much more. Exploring the globe with your camera in hand is so much fun. Photography makes you more aware of your surroundings. The real test of a photo’s ability to help you remember doesn’t come the day after you take it; it comes years later. I’ve looked back on the images I captured very early in my travels and have been mentally taken back to moments that I hadn’t remembered in years. As time passes, you need things to jog your memory and nothing works better than photos that you took yourself. There are several types of travel cameras on the market (Point and Shoot, Advanced Compact Cameras, DSLR) and each one has its own list of benefits. First, and most importantly, you should consider what is most important to you – size, weight, price, ease of use, etc.

The digital SLR (DSLR) camera is pretty much popular nowadays. Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fujifilm these companies are well known for making quantitative the digital camera. The price starts from $200 and goes up to $1500. Choosing a DSLR means you will have more lens options, faster focus and a slightly longer battery life.

There is another type of camera is available right now in the market which became very popular lately- Action Camera. A company named GoPro is renowned for making action camera. Sony and Mi also make action camera.  The camera itself may not look like much, but the footage you’ll get out of this tiny rectangular shooter is professional-grade. In fact, the GoPro-HERO3 is so reliable that it’s even used for high-end television shoots, particularly when it comes to action scenes and aerial footage. At $275, it’s a no-brainer accessory for your next ski trip or surfing adventure, and with dozens of available mounts, you can secure it to just about any surface. Besides using it for adventure activities, I figured that having a small compact action camera would also come in handy for regular travel photography. Even though the GoPro is mainly a video camera, it does also have image capturing capabilities that I hoped would be of sufficient quality for casual snaps.



Self-taken face photos, otherwise known as ‘selfies’, are so popular now that the word came top of the Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year rankings. For better or worse, selfie sticks have become a constant companion for many travelers. This telescopic camera/smart phone grip fits most models of camera and phone and extends to 1m to make sure you can get not only you. By using selfie stick you can shoot scenes from above—say, over the top of a crowd or a fence. You can also shoot from below, capturing tall things such as a soaring waterfall or the Washington Monument. The video possibilities are especially cool.


Whether you’re making your way by plane, train, automobile, or even your own two feet, no trip is complete these days without digital accessories. These smart tools that have forever changed the way we experience the world are life-savers for today’s travelers. The gadgets and services I mentioned here are ones with which I have experience. Alternative option must be exist for most and I encourage readers who have used others to share them in the comments.

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